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Good ad text and ad relevance in general makes your campaigns successful. Sending a right message at the right time to the right customer makes all the difference in the world.

Here are some tips, that even google itself says they truly work their magic. So lets start!


1. Keep it simple but effective and give a „call to action“!

When you start to complicate things, that’s your first sign to stop! Stop right there! If you only listen to this advice you are half way there. Focus on your selling point and point that out, not every single detail about your business, only the selling point! Interest them just enough so they want to know more ie click more! One good way in achieving this is to put a „call to action“ in the end of your ads, such as „Learn more“, „Book now“ or something else that goes well with your offer.


2. Use prices and discounts in your headline

This is not just us saying, recent dana shows that headlines using concrete figures, get 38% better performance results. Why is that? Because numbers, in this case prices or discounts explain more thoroughly what the ad is all about. If the price is to high for them, they wont click ie you save your money and you can rely on the clicks you got were from the people who have a better chance becoming or maybe they already became your customer. So if you have a business which competes primarily on price this is definitely the way to go.


3. Use Title Case

Although it’s not grammatically correct, capitalizing the first letter of each word can help you boost your sales or achieve another kind of goal that you set up for your web. Keep in mind that sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice grammar in order to achieve more from your ads. That doesn’t mean your ads should look like a kindergarten child wrote them, try to be as grammatically correct as possible, but due to lack of space for your text ads, sometimes you won’t have the space to put punctuation or something like that, and that’s ok. Try not to worry too much about that, because people are there, just looking for something that they need or want and if your ad offer appears to the right person at the right time, all they’ll notice is a solution to their request or a problem, and that’s what truly matters.


4. Use Ad extensions!

As mentioned above, due to a lack of space in text ads, any extra space is a gift from heavens, so don’t be a fool and use it! Also, using ad extensions can and will improve your click-through rate and overall visibility of your text ad. There are different kind of ad extensions, but that’s a topic for another blog post. One of the most important things you have to know about text ads is that they are not charged extra, if someone clicks on your ad extension it counts as a click on your ad and will be charged as usual. Only exception are sellers ratings, those extensions aren’t charged at all.


5. Focus on benefits of the product or service

This is the basic equation > Customer + Problem = Solution. You have to be the solution to the problem. Never write about how awesome you are, always put your customers needs in first place. Try to put yourself in their shoes, and if you were them what would you like to see in an ad that would be the most relevant for you.


6. Write multiple ad versions and test them (A/B testing)

This is the only way to see which ad is performing better. Most of the time you will probably think that ad number one is the best on account of the color, the copy or the design and you will be willing to put your money on it, but most of the time you will be wrong. A/B testing is a way to find out which headlines, body copy, images, call to actions, or a combination of the above works best for your target audience. Let them run for a while, and when you see the one that is underperforming you can shut it down.


Dorotea Sočec
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