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Our ads have a limited space on Google Search Engine, so we must use every opportunity to increase that space and in that way make our ads more visible to our potential customers. This is where ad extensions come, they are a perfect way to say a little bit more about your product or service and most of all the perfect way to make your ads even more visible and make them stand out from our competitors.

There are different kind of ad extensions we can use while creating our ads. We strongly recommend to use as many as possible, but only if they make sense for your business. Ad extensions have to be created with good quality and sense, if not they will become useless.


Most important things we can get from using ad extensions are:

  • More space for additional information about our business
  • More viewable ads for customers
  • More clicks
  • More valuable user interactions like calls
  • Increase ad rank


There are a total of 10 different types of ad extensions:

1. Sitelink extensions

This type of extensions is used to lead people to different parts of your web. For example, if your ad is about smartphones, your sitelink can include masks for smartphones, chargers for smartphones etc.


2. Callout extensions

Callout extensions are used when you want to emphasise something about your product, business or service. If you have free delivery this is something you should point out.


3. Structured snippet extensions

Structured snippet extensions show in a form of headers and list of values. You can choose from different kinds of headers like: brands, amenities, courses, destinations etc. So if you have a travelling agency a good choice would be to choose destinations as your header and list top destinations that your agency offers.


4. Call extension

This is an ad extensions you should always use, presuming your business has a phone. You just put your phone number and people searching from mobile can click on your call extension and make a direct phone call to you without having to additionally search for your contact information. How great is that?



5. Message extension

They allow customers to send you a direct message from your ad. Message extensions are designed only for mobile phone customers capable of texting and receiving text messages. They provide a great opportunity for direct contact, and you are in a position of giving extra information that is maybe necessary for conversion.


6. Location extension

Another must have if your business has a physical location. This will allow your customer to see where your business is located, again without having to go that extra mile and additionally search for your contact and business info.



7. Affiliate location extension

This is a great extension if you sell your products through a variety of retail chains. Affiliate location extensions helps people find nearby stores that sell your product.


8. Price extension

If your business offers different types of services this is a great way to showcase them. Price extensions show as a set of up to 8 cards that people can view to see different options and prices. For example, if you have a cosmetic salon you can list different kind of services and prices.


9. App extension

A great way to provide access to your app. They showcase your mobile or tablet app by showing a link to your app below your ad.


10. Promotion extension

Lets say you have a limited time promotion and you want people to know about it when searching for your products or services, this is one way you can let them know about your offerings. In promotion extensions you can set date of the promotion, monetary or percentage discount and even put an appropriate header like „Easter discount“.


Dorotea Sočec
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